Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow

(Rpastorvargas) #241

This is our procedure for working in the assigment related to a Java app

  1. clone main repository
  2. use branches for three features: ui, controller, model (groups of three person, minimum)
  3. Develop in paralel in their branches
  4. Git master merge changes
  5. Generate two test packages for search bugs: test1 and test2
  6. evaluate test packages and correct bugs
  7. final merge

(HTL Leonding) #242

A main branch is developed.
Parallel a new feature is developed.
Finally they merge
The development of the master-branch continues

(Osvaldo Jimenez) #243

Had a little typo, but realized that I can have students for a decomposition lab, decompose the steps into different branches and then have them merge them together at the end.

(Caponte94) #244

Assignment workflow for a classroom project with three sessions and final presentation

(Ed) #245

Assignment workflow for preparing a formal paper.

(Dawid Zalewski) #246

My workflow:

(Chris Cannon) #247

Looks like exactly what we had in mind :100:

(Nikola Dašić) #248

(Antonio Gámez) #249

(JFE) #250

In some of my classrooms (very little knowledge about not computer science) student work alone (hence no branch). Some other use a central repo and two local repo, which is enough. Some other use branches like the ‘usual’ (branch merge).
Not sure why this exercise come before ‘merge’. I mean, I have personaly no use case where student branches diverge and that’s it. Anyway here is an example as request. I hope :slight_smile:

(Vladimir Jovanović) #251

(John Isaacs) #252

My desired assignment workflow. The idea is the students work together on a large web project and develop functionality which can be merged when complete.

(Paula Waite) #253

A workflow of 3 students completing their assignment. There is a branch to represent each student, and a final commit by the instructor (in master) to update the assignment for the upcoming semester.

(Kevin ROBERT) #254

(J Rice) #255

(Harun Umar) #256

Hello @mozzadrella I just completed Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow. See screenshot below, I created branches for our programming and database courses at the university. @ConsoleFriend

(Dejan Čurk) #257

(Mari Potgieter) #258

(Ethan McGee) #259

Often, my students are working on multiple assignments at once. I would like them to have one branch per assignment and merge those assignment back into master when they are ready to submit. This allows them to work on multiple things at once without contaminating master and possibly wreaking havoc on other parts of their project.

(muk sp medieninformatik) #260

My screenshot shows a typical assignment in my course “mobile app development”. The workflow consists of a branch “develop” on which two features have to be developed. Meanwhile on the branch “master” there were 2 hotfixes to be performed.