Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow

(Ayush Agarwal) #221

Here’s my take on the assignment workflow:
Firstly I make a few updates on the master branch, then I encourage students to create separate branches and start working on their assignment. Each student then works on their own branch while keeping the master branch intact.

(Jason T. Mickel) #222

I think this is what you had in mind… :thinking:

(Patrick Reimers) #223

(lena lekkou) #224

I tried to focus on first semester where we have 3 modules & every module have formative assignments that leads to a summative

I really like this visualisation of branches!

(Cfcortesmx) #225

(Edward A. Roualdes) #226

Right now, I’m thinking create assignments on branches, and then when satisfied with assignment solutions to merge the assignments back into the master branch.

(S Gopinath89) #227

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(Pedro Prieto) #231

I usually tell them to use feature branches and then merge the results.


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(Brian Crites) #235

It took me a little bit to figure out you can’t have a ‘/’ character in your branch name or there would be issues with the merge step.

(George Stavrinos) #236


It was an awesome assignment :smile:

(Bgarnb) #238

It is not really an assignment but like working on a project in a repetitive way to the final result:

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