Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow

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This looks good :+1:

Would you encourage your students to also create branches on their devbranch for different parts of the assignment? :sparkles:

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Don’t worry about the merge command - it isn’t a requirement here but some users who are familiar with it have used this in their submissions.

The purpose of this exercise is to explore how you think the branching feature of Git might be used in your student work-flow.

It’s common in industry to use branches as a way of keeping any “work in progress” away from the master branch until it is ready to be deployed. Therefore it is good practice to teach how branches work so that students understand this kind of work-flow.

We are asking you to consider at what point you might ask students to create a new branch and why they would do this?

An example of a real world task, would be a student group work project.

In this scenario students could use their own branch to work on their parts of the assignment - this prevents updates they are making to their individual version of the code from affecting everyone else as they work on the project together.

If they didn’t use branches, every time they made a change to the master branch - everyone else would need to get those changes before they can continue working on the same code base.

Hope this helps :sparkles:

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We love it too! :sparkling_heart:

How does this resemble your student work-flow? It would be great to hear a little more :sparkles:

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Here is a snapshot of using branches on the visualisation tool.

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Thanks for your answer and feedback.

As i dont know if my students have any previous experience in CVS or SVN, i almost sure they dont… so wed began with some basic ideas and easy work. So i think at this beginning stage many branchs and merges can disturb and make difficult to adapt git/github. Also almost all assignment would be individual.

As the course would going on, perhaps id ask them to use more branches. But as said before if they could manage local vs remote, using stage area ( add), make commits, push them to the web and pull, and also get familiar with atom and also get back to a previous commit/point and positioning the HEAD commit. Id be satisfied.
Im a teacher of secondary education ( post obligatory) oriented to the professional environment, i think in England there are something similar called further education.

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They will create branches for working additional parts of the programming project (labeled here as question 2, question 3, question 4). This particular activity came before the git merge command had been introduced, so I didn’t include that part. I would expect them to merge back into master after completing each “question”.

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I am using GitHub for fostering in them best practices in software development, and also as part of a Computer Science Pedagogical framework I am implementing, demonstrating that algorithmic problem solving using a programming language has a richer ecosystem, one that empowers them to become more confident about programming.

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Hi, here is my solution. My students will be working on individual assignments to begin with and then possibly a group assignment. I hope they will be independently working on new features and then either merging them back into the master branch or issuing pull requests. Ideally I would like to provide students with really simple github workflows for both scenarios. Maybe we will cover that later in the course. If not I would really welcome some suggestions. Thank you

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This workflow represents the initial assignment that students will do. It’s terribly simple but is what they will do in class. The number of commits depends on how many times they need to troubleshoot, etc.

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Here is my version:

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This is my fake tree :slight_smile:

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Module 2 Exercice 2.3 done!

What i’m trying to show it’s a workflow of publishing one feature requirement at the time, and being solved by the student. Does it makes any sense?

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I tried to recreate the workflow above for my module 2.3 exercise. The arrow directions in the visualization tool are different than what we expect timeline’s direction to be, from past to future, as shown in the real-world example above.

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