Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow

(Theportablegeek) #92

Not currently teaching a class, but in this assignment students would need to create a series of html files for biological organisms with descriptions (i.e. wolf.html, mushroom.html) and push them to the appropriate branch in the repository to learn about the concept of biological classifications.

(Ramya Vellingiri) #93

Hi I have completed second assignments.

@mozzadrella when we do -b branch that branch point to above the head and if you do git branch “xxx” it points to below the head. Is there any difference in that?

(Charlotte Morrison) #94


Below is my screenshot- I am off for the summer so I just visualized how I could use this for a generic group project in one of my classes.

(Dadremarie) #95

This is for a partner assignment. Merging the edits at the end of each day.

(Greg Bernstein) #96

I’m imagining starting the course with a quick HTML refresher. The students would implement the page and after each significant addition to the page make a commit. Before moving on to refresh their basic CSS I want them to make sure they’ve got validated HTML5. At that point they would branch again for some old style CSS layout based on floats. After getting that looking okay. We’d go back to the HTML branch and branch again, CSS-Grid branch, to see how much easier and nicer it is to do layout with CSS grid.

The idea I really want them to understand is to use lots of commits and whenever they are trying something new use a branch! Here we will start from the same base file and use two different layout methods. For a more basic example could use the difference between external and internal style sheets.

(Pumatech) #97

Simple web-design project:
provide starter code
add stylesheet
three branches to implement same design using tables, flexboxes, or grids

(Khachiman) #98

(Boydensuperstar) #99

(Othniel Dona Monote) #100

How do you destroy branches?

(Juan Diego Pérez) #101

Here it is

(Bill Montana) #102

Possible workflow for three students collaboratively working on a project…

(Bill Montana) #103

From the official Git Cheat Sheet. I picked one up at the CSTA conference.

git branch -d [branch-name]
Deletes the specified branch

(Aaron Gullickson) #104

Honestly, I am not expecting my students to do any multiple branching for their projects, but if I did I imagine it might look something like this.

(Ayush Bhardwaj) #105

a workflow based on contributions of different students in a class.

(Sahil Jha) #106

here’s mine screenshot.

(Roberto) #107

(Kaushlendra Pratap) #108

Here is my workflow chart of exercise 2.3 :smiley:

(Patrick Martini) #109

(Amy Dickens) #110

In my imaginary :thought_balloon: assignment, I have set a group work task - the first few commits are done in the lab with the group working together.

I’ve then asked the group members to go away and work on parts of the project independently.

To do this I’ve requested that they each create a new branch from the master branch and add their commits to their new branch.

When we come back to work in the lab we will merge these branches to update the master branch with their work. :sparkles:

(Matthias) #111

Mine looks quite boring as I haven’t used branches with my students.
I do give them work in GitHub and then leave comments, raise issues, but so far not with branches.
Here’s my screenshot.