Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow

(Rohith Pudari) #66

(Daibarnes) #67

Not 100% on what I am supposed to do here but I think it is to show I understand the branching mechanics which are evidenced in my screenshot. And this is what is done in 2.3 rather than 2.2. A tad confusing :confused:

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(Thamira Lakmal) #69

(Marco Chiapello) #70

( #71

(Jake Hobbs) #72

Something like this? Students would work on connecting an app to twitter API before creating branches to work on search queries and UI, before merging these back to master on completion

(Sean L.) #73

Something like this?
I let them start with master, then create a dev branch, which takes a couple of commits, checkout master to hotfix something real quick, go back to dev and merge the hotfix, add another commit, and merge master with dev.

(Isara Naranirattisai) #74

Here’s my screenshot :smile_cat:

(Andrea Rivadossi) #75

Just an example of how to setup a basic environment for work. :scream::joy:

(Fernanda Ochoa) #76

Hi, here is my screenshot for the second assignment, pretty much like a semester evaluation process.

(Jbundt) #77

(Cwoods88keys) #78

We look at 3 different implementations for moving between scenes in Swift.

(Dr. Ayaz H. Khan) #79

(Yohan Malshika) #80

(Ygor Canalli) #81

Hello everybody! This is an example that a would expect from my students :slight_smile:

(Robert McKenney) #82

I provide the initial starter code on Master. Students should then create a dev branch to work from. As they work through the assignment, they create several feature branches, merging into dev as each is completed. Then finally merging dev into master on assignment completion.

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