Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow

(Vanessa) #1

Exercise: Re-create your assignment workflow

  1. With Visualizing Git, you’ll see the ability to make commits and branches.
  2. Choose an individual assignment from your course.
  3. Re-create the workflow you expect from your students to complete their assignment.
  4. Take a screenshot of your result from the visualization tool and post it in this thread, below.

(Eric Allatta) #2

I wasn’t sure how to the answer this one. I’m just getting started with GitHub as an assignment tool and don’t have a good sense of what an assignment workflow might look like.

I did come across something that I don’t understand. If I checkout a two commits before master the HEAD is detached from master. If I create a new branch from this commit, and start making new commits, the new branch pointer doesn’t track HEAD. On the visualization tool these new commits are dashed circles. Could someone explain this behavior?

(Eric Allatta) #3

Module Feedback: The instructions for recreating your student workflow in the visualization tool are found in video 2.3, but 2.2 in the forum.

(Ryan Schuetzler) #4

(Clara) #5

Not 100% on what exactly you are looking for here - I’ve never given students a specific branching strategy to follow. But here’s a screenshot…

(François Roland) #6

(eallen) #7

Yeah, and I think the instructions in the repo for 2.1 (the branch one) are intended for 2.2 (the fetch one).

(eallen) #8

My Web 1 course is learning the three tier release workflow, so we are modelling that in the way they submit labs. Here you can see a couple of labs with their own branches, first submitted and tested on the dev branch and then finally handed in by merging into master. The last two labs were worked on at the same time, which would happen if a student had not handed in one lab before starting another.

With a typo, for realism.

(Vanessa) #9

fixed, thanks

(Nasseef Abukamail) #10

(Nasseef Abukamail) #11

(Richard) #12

So far students have usually done small linear assignments with git, but this is how I could imagine us doing several different practicals in succession in the same repo.

(Reza M) #13

For windows tree use cmd //c tree Source

(Mike Crabb) #14

This is based on a first year web assignment that I give students in their first semester of university. The students have to create a simple web page and make changes to different style elements (header,footer, and a form) using branches and then merge all of this back together.

(Ricardo Martin Marcucci) #15

We use github for the final project in a web development course. They have to use GitHub Pages for it, so the only branch strategy is a master and gh-pages branchs.
The only original branch would be a fix or correction from one of the teachers.

(Mario Jorge Pereira) #16

(Omal Perera) #17


  • This is a group (2 students) assignment.
  • Task is to implement 2 independent servicers with node.js
  • Starter code will be provided by me (first commit)
  • Students can develop features parallely & merge to master at the end.

any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated :grinning:

(Nbzeman) #18

(Mario Jorge Pereira) #19

(Randy Johnson) #20