Module 2: exercise 2.4

(Mesfin Diro ) #1

(Mr. Roth-Ritchie) #2

Here is my submission.

(Umangshuklait) #3

(Christophe Troestler) #4

(Othniel Dona Monote) #5

When in my Jupiter branch, only the Jupiter paragraph displays since i replaced the text in the file.

Module 2 Exercise 3: Wikipedia Switcheroo
(elverton fazzion) #6

First I added the information about Jupiter, then information about Saturn.

(Mblanqueto) #7

My submission

(Sathish G) #8

The file shows the latest update in the from the new branch we created because we are currently in that new branch. here are my screenshots.

(Purusothaman Gd) #9

I have placed merge exercise screen shot for your reference

(D Lorenz) #11

Here is the screenshot of my output.

I see both paragraphs, the first one is of Saturn from the first commit on the master branch, the second one, of Jupiter, on the second commit on the second_branch

(Mighty Itauma) #12

Nice exercise! The readme shows the two planets in the created branch but first planet in the master branch.

(SCDay) #13

(Jbellidoutec) #14