Module 2 Exercise 1: Network activity

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here’s my screenshot for this exercise.

(Kaushlendra Pratap) #87

Exercise 2.1 & 2.2

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Adding my screenshot here :blush: :rainbow:

(Matthias) #90

My screenshot for 2.2

(Pawan Kumar) #91

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(Amy Dickens) #93

Hi @WThamira :wave:

Your screenshot shows that you added the remotes but it looks like we are missing the git fetch part of the exercise.

Would you mind doing this part and showing us the output from the git fetch process? :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #94

Hi @osusara :wave:

Looks like you had some issues with your password in making the git push happen – so we are missing the git fetch part of the exercise.

Would you mind updating with a screenshot from the output of the git fetch? :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #95

Great to see the git fetch part here but keep in mind that with such a small screenshot we haven’t been able to see the rest of the process leading to this point - which gives us a nice overview of how you executed the exercise.

In future try to include all parts of the exercise :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #96

Hi @InfoDevkota

So in this exercise we are using git fetch to show you what this command does - it brings the information down but it does not put the files into your current working directory.

You need to merge what has been brought down by git fetch for this to happen.

git pull performs the git fetch and git merge in one.

If you are a Git user in general you will have more than likely been using a git pull without knowing that its performing these two commands in one. :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #97

looks like you had some issues here when getting to the part in linking your remote – did you manage to get this sorted and did you run git fetch ?

If you did, it would be great to see the output for this exercise :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #98

We seem to be missing the git fetch command in your screenshot.

Did you run this command? Could you share another screenshot showing this? :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #99

So it seems like your git fetch didn’t output anything here.

This might be a result of there being no changes to the remote since your last git commit and git push… if your local working directory matches the remote then effectively there is nothing to fetch down which is why we might not see any output from running this command.

Try adding a new file using the text editor on the GitHub repository online and see what the output of git fetch is on the command line. :sparkles:

Let me know if you need any help :wave:

(Amy Dickens) #100

Hi @caffeinatednerd - is there a reason that you used git pull instead of the git fetch ?

Both commands work to grab changes from the remote but git pull also performs a merge which brings the changes into our local directory.

Try making another change and then running git fetch to see the difference in the output here. Once you’ve done this would you mind sharing a new screenshot showing the difference? :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #101

It looks like we are missing the git fetch part of this exercise.

Could you try doing this part of the task and updating with a new screenshot? :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #102

Hi @gozeloglu it looks like we are missing the git fetch part of the exercise.

Would you mind updating your screenshot with this part? :sparkles: