Module 2 Exercise 1: Network activity

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Hi @mozzadrella, a quick feedback about the course structure. I am really liking the course. I am not computer scientist, I’m a biologist teaching R and statistics to grad and undergrad biology students, and only recently started using Git. I’m loving the possibility of using GitHub Classroom for future class management.

By the email I received when I first joined this course, I had no idea I should follow the posts on the community forum, and the creation of copied repositories with my name on the Campus-Advisors repo was a bit puzzling. I still am not if I am supposed to use theses repos for the exercises, because on the videos you tell us to create new and empty repos, on what I assume is my own account and not the organization. I kept looking for instructions on if I should clone the other modules manually. A quick link on the end of the first module with a message like “now proceed to part 2”, linking to this thread would help improve the flow from one lesson to the other
Thanks for the dedication, and keep up the nice work, GitHub is an awesome tool for educators :smile:

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@paocorrales you may want to blur out your email address :sparkles:

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Thank you for this feedback @vrios

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Here is my screen shot. It was good to read the comments to understand why the fetched content needs further steps to become accessible. But now the comments in the video on the fetch make absolute sense. Thanks to everybody here.

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Module 2 Exercise 1

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I wasn’t completely sure what to do with “On GitHub. com, upload your first week’s assignments to the “Individual” repository.”. Rather than adding the screenshot, I created a README file for the repo using the web interface and then fetched.

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@mozzadrella below the screenshot of the first exercise of module 2.
Nicely built up training so far! Onwards we go!

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Nicely built up training so far! Onwards we go!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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:sparkles: thanks for posting your whole output. Folks can learn from it.

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@argoc I wonder if you committed the empty readme before pushing?

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Yes, I am guessing I did, since I said I "push"d it and to me that would mean I had to have committed it first. (But it was a long time ago now, so I’m relying on my notes in my post.)

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Assignment added

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exercise 2.2

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