Module 2 Exercise 1: Network activity

(Rishabh Bansal) #21

Hey @mozzadrella! My Module 2 Exercise 2.2 Submission :slight_smile:

(Miren Berasategi) #22

OK, so here’s my screenshot for 2.2

I actually did the GUI part last week but failed to make the screenshot :woman_facepalming:t2:. I just deleted and then re-created my local repository, then added the remote (from last week) and fetched that.

I don’t quite see the point of fetch though. I see that “the objects are transferred”, but I don’t actually see the files in my filesystem… What is the point of fetch? And in what circumstances should it be used above pull?

(Miren Berasategi) #23

I’m seeing the difference between fetch and pull in the following submodules :+1:t2:, what I still don’t quite see is the need to use only fetch… It will come eventually, I guess!

(Vanessa) #24

@MrAllatta were you able to bring commits back down via fetch (or push, if you got that far in the training)?

(Vanessa) #25

Spoke too soon :sparkles:

(Vanessa) #26

hiya @minneapolis-edu the tidea here is to add to the example list of the readme with learning objectives and bring those changes back down to your machine :sparkles:

Nice that you got your remote addresses squared away :100:

(Vanessa) #27

@mariojp were you able to fetch or pull changes back down to your local machine?

(Vanessa) #28

thank you for this feedback.

You can find all of your repositories in the Campus Advisors organization.

(Vanessa) #29

@mberasategi pull is two parts–a fetch command, and then a merge commit. And fetch shows that the objects are transferred over the wire, but not merged into the project history.

In short, how the :pie: add up to the :red_circle:.

(Vanessa) #30

Hi @Oscar-Oliveira! Trying to figure out what’s going on here. Were you able to debug?

(JuanMa) #31

(Vanessa) #32

:sparkles: :100: :tada:

(Evan Misshula) #33

The first time I tried to post to the instructions, the second time worked fine.

(Wanjun) #34

Screen Caps by Steps:





(Paola Corrales) #35

Here is the screenshot for Exercise 1. I hope I’ve understood everything :joy:

(Vanessa) #36

Hiya! You are ahead of the curve :sparkles: (feel free to blur out your email if you’d like that to be private).

(Ktheu) #37

I have done a fetch from the Github Repo with the empty file. Something was downloaded. But the is not in the local repo. Is this correct? and why is this the case? :confused:

(Amelia Garripoli) #38

fetch doesn’t bring master up to date, it just copies the changes down to the local repository. you need a merge to get your current master to match what you just fetched … I expect 2.3 will take us there, but if you do a “git pull” instead of a “git fetch”, it will do the merge as well as the fetch. The 2.2 video explains this subtlety of fetch, but doesn’t go into how to make the merge happen. … I hope this helps.

(Amelia Garripoli) #39

That was fun … I was at a bit of a loss of what the week 1 assignment was, until I read through this group and saw mozzadrella’s note that the idea was to edit the file on github to add the objectives. That led me to an interesting “bug-ette” or maybe feature, because this is what I did:

  1. made an empty locally
  2. made an empty repo on github
  3. connected the two and pushed my empty up to github

at this point github told me I didn’t have a still even though the file was right there! so I tried to create one, since it said I needed to, but when I attempted to save it, it wouldn’t let me, get this, “because I already had one!” after I got over that, I continued …

  1. I edited the empty one, and sure enough, once I committed that, the button to create one went away. Not sure how I feel about that, but it is an edge case. @mozzadrella, is it worth reporting somewhere official? I feel rather pleased to have found this little corner issue in the github behaviors :slight_smile: but maybe that’s because it’s late…

  2. then the screenshot shows you the rest: I fetched, and then I pulled to get it to merge (because it bothered me we left it in a fetch state … but I bet 2.3 is going to make me regret stepping forward into that)

(Ktheu) #40

Thank’s a lot for explaining :smile: