Module 2 Exercise 1: Network activity

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Module 02 Ex 01
I made some mistakes so I edited the bitmap a little

(Vincent Sijben) #245

wow, am I the only one loosing my mind on the exact questions of this module 2.2?

I do understand that during the period of time some things have changed on that page, and older posts dont reflect the current question, but…

  1. On the command line: create a repository from the command line called “individual-work.”
    So i do:
    git init individual-work
    cd individual-work/

  2. On, create a repository.
    I create the repo and locally I do:
    git remote add origin

  3. On, upload your first week’s assignments to the “Individual” repository.
    I upload a file called with text in it through the “upload an exisiting file” option on

  4. Use the command line to bring the commits back down to your local repository.
    I now do
    git fetch
    I dont get the file locally.

So I see several posts with people committing locally, but that is not what’s being asked…
I also see people using pull, but thats not what we’ve ‘learned’ yet…

Or does “bring the commits back” mean exactly what @mozzadrella is saying here , so we don’t have to bring the file to our local machine (yet)…

Could someone please help me out? I’m loosing my mind :slight_smile:

Edit: so yeah, after viewing 2.3 and 2.4 suddenly it’s clear to me, that indeed, we only wanted the commit info, not the actual files back to our local repo.

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I have to do some small research to find out about ‘git remote -v’ and how to push. Isn’t there a flow of how these learning should be done? i am a bit confused

(Asaolu Elijah) #249

You should recieve an invitation mail, from here you can easily get to the repo page

(eChris) #250

I got the invite. thanks

(Asaolu Elijah) #251

Hi @mozzadrella i just finished the module 1 exercise, i was thinking there will be a page where i could be able to track the modules 've completed and the one’s 've not, but i couldnt see any.

And also, after completing a module, all i have to do is post a screenshot right?
Thanks in anticipation :100:

(Asaolu Elijah) #252

I got an error during the first push, i had to force it using git push --force origin master
But i got it all working :blush: :100:

(eChris) #253

I always try to find out what usually cause errors in any thing I am doing. using --force as an argument will not help to find out what caused it

(Asaolu Elijah) #254

I guess the --force command is only used when pushing to your online repository,
This command will ignore all errors and force the push

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Module 2.2 Screenshots

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sure that’s what it does primarily

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I felt that this assignment was a bit confusing in the directions.

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This was fun! im not sure if I understood the steps correctly but here it is. If I’m missing something, please let me know @mozzadrella!

Great course so far, I’m recommending a couple of colleagues to take it too!

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Exercise 2.2

@mozzadrella I’ll note that for someone like me who has been using Github for years professionally, this course has so far been a bit tedious. Looking forward to getting to the classroom- and assignment-specific stuff. Maybe in the future you could incorporate a “how many commits/repos have you worked on” threshold or something to allow folks to skip a bit of this basic stuff?

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I was messing around a bit (didn’t have an ssh-key registered with GitHub on this new device), so I’ve marked the outcome of the assignment in red (and have blurred some sensitive data shown when generating an ssh-key):

(Federico Bassetti) #261

A bit confusing on the instructions, but got the chance to try a few other things out.
Changes fetched and pulled in the local repo.

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