Module 2 Exercise 1: Network activity

(Yair Yarom) #223

(Peter Frühwirt) #224

Here is my solution.

(Gihun Ham) #225

(Burton) #226

(Shreyansh Dwivedi) #227


(Levi Sterling) #228


(Mandy Neumann) #229

Here we go.

I too was a bit confused about which changes I’m expected to fetch because I followed the video and wrote my locally. I decided to upload the screenshot from module 1 exercise like some of you did to the web interface.

(James Munroe) #230

(Waleed El-Badry) #231

Assignment 2.1

(Manbir Singh Marwah) #232

@mozzadrella, Here’s my submission for Module 2.1

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(Waleed El-Badry) #233

git looks nicer on MAC :slight_smile:

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(Manbir Singh Marwah) #234

That’s not Mac actually :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s Ubuntu (Ant Theme) + ZSH Shell. :slight_smile:

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(Akash Ali) #235

Hi @mozzadrella here is my Module 2 exercise. Thank you

(Guillaume SALVA) #236


(Crcdcomp) #237

(Younes Charfaoui) #238

(Juha Hinkula) #239

(Ben Essex) #240

Thanks! :smile:

(Ravi Tomar) #241

Following steps done:

  • adding to git
  • creating repo at github
  • commit local
  • push remote origin
  • check status
  • make chanegs online
  • fetch back
  • check status
(Ola Yusuf) #242

I must say that at this point, the exercise is confusing because exercise 2.2 as stated in the Github repository did not request a screenshot. I have to retake this aspect after completing the entire module.

Well, I am happy I did it…

Thank you GitHub