Module 2 Exercise 1: Network activity

(Dirk Uys) #48

I wasn’t completely sure what to do with “On GitHub. com, upload your first week’s assignments to the “Individual” repository.”. Rather than adding the screenshot, I created a README file for the repo using the web interface and then fetched.

(Joachim Francois) #50

@mozzadrella below the screenshot of the first exercise of module 2.
Nicely built up training so far! Onwards we go!

(Danny de Vries) #51

(Vanessa) #52

Nicely built up training so far! Onwards we go!

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Vanessa) #53

:sparkles: thanks for posting your whole output. Folks can learn from it.

(Vanessa) #54

@argoc I wonder if you committed the empty readme before pushing?

(Amelia Garripoli) #55

Yes, I am guessing I did, since I said I "push"d it and to me that would mean I had to have committed it first. (But it was a long time ago now, so I’m relying on my notes in my post.)

(Kenneth Sims) #56

Assignment added

(Yohan Malshika) #57

(Emerson Mello) #58

exercise 2.2

(Thamira Lakmal) #59

(Osusara Kammalawatta) #60

( #61


(Isara Naranirattisai) #62

Here’s my screenshot

(Sagar Devkota) #63

I used to use git pull.
Is it similar as git fetch?

(Fernanda Ochoa) #64

Hi, here is the screenshot from 2.2 Activity

(Pacomgh) #65

Hi, here is my screenshot, activity 2.2 n.n

(Acke9387) #66

(Takeshi Akima) #67


I used ssh protocol instead of https to avoid password input for 2 factor authentication.

(Sanoakira) #68