Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics

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Well done :sparkles:. Looks like bash worked well for you :boom:

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:wave: well done! Maybe you want to say a bit about saving shortcuts–see you have that setup in your terminal, and some folks might find that useful :sparkles:

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:wave: Hi @SteveEmerson–did you eventually commit the file? I see you’re using diff commands to find out what’s different. Mind committing the and posting a the screenshot of that command?

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@djgoldsmith this:

Really interesting to see the different shells used by others for the project. And even learnt how to create an empty file in powershell.

Made my day. Thank you :sparkles:

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@nfrankel nice debugging in situ–thanks for posting :sparkles:

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@eliasnogueira hiya! Doesn’t look like your screenshot uploaded :frowning:

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Nice warm-up, also helpful description on how the three layers are interconnected!

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My bad =/

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:tada: :100:

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Thank you for helping us introduce this to our students

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@EvanMisshula :boom: :tada: :100:

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Yay! :tada: :100: