Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics

(Kundan) #949

(Kangwon Lee (Education)) #950

I just followed the instructions without git status or ls in between

(Vincent Sijben) #951

(Michael Sedinam Korku Tenu) #952

Here’s my screenshot

(Gus Ferguson) #953

/var/folders/xg/ydqy33b55pj71tlds05pb70m0000gn/T/97YFe1/demo — -bash — 78×50.png

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(Jurandy Soares) #955

For the first command, I would suggest:

  1. git init demo && cd $_ (bash only, AFAIK).

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I noticed that single quote popped out an error. but this is cool

(BJ Selby) #958

I enjoyed learning about git and how it can help with version control. This is always an issue in our field!

(Roman Krasiuk) #959

Module 1 Basics - Done!

(Mayur Patil (मयूर पाटील)) #960

Module 1 Completed.

(Asaolu Elijah) #961


i use a window os, and the touch command is not supported, i had to do it the windows way :100: :wink:

(Sgsultana) #962

Here is my screenshot

(Posco) #963

Screenshot from my first Git exercise :slight_smile:

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Done with Exercise 1.1

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hello my module 1basic

(Jbellidoutec) #966

Done Excercise 1.1

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Hi @mozzadrella. Thank you for the nice tutorials! Here’s my screenshot for Module-1-Basics:

(Joe (UF) Gasper) #968

@mozzadrella journey begins, screenshot for 1.1