Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics

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Thanks for the Great chance!!!

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Here is my screenshot for module 1.

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The modules are not easy to follow in the community. The directions are much clearer here. Not sure where I was that I got the original directions, but it missed the second add (#5 here), so it seems you get the untracked files warning if you commit before readding the file after the reset command.

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Just following what you all have done. I’m on Git for Windows.08

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Whoa… with all that scrolling - though I’d reached the end of the Internet!

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Module 1.1 Submission:

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Here is my screenshot:


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Here is the screenshot of Exercise 1

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Question - I have a fair bit of experience with git and github, would it make sense for me to jump ahead? I’m sure there are things in the intro lessons that I don’t know, but a lot of this may be pretty basic review for me.

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@mozzadrella Here is my screenshot:

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@mozzadrella Hi! here’s mine

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Done! :smiley:

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