Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics

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Please accept my Module 1 Exercise 1.

I found the emphasis on atomic commits very helpful. I’m often guilty of using “add .”. As a result, so are my students. This is definitely something I’ll focus on changing next semester!

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Completed Module 1 exercise. @mozzadrella

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Here is my screenshot!

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Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics - complete.


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My screenshot.


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My default bash prompt includes machine information that I do not want to post online.
One thing I can say to prove that I did the assignment is the first time I executed the commit in the last step the quotes were wrong, because I cut and paste from the webpage.
I had to retype the single quotes by hand, then it succeeded.

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typo X-)

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hi teachers and @mozzadrella … here is my screenshot of Module 1

looking forward to upgrade my git teaching skill for my students!

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