Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics

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@vkjain66 hi there, I see you are on a Windows machine. You’re going to want to follow the setup directions outlined here, because the syntax we’re using isn’t going to work in your shell, hence the errors. If you want to see what Windows config should look like for this training, see @lynnellemmanuel’s post.

Mind trying again and re-posting a screenshot?

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:100: Bravo!

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@Oscar-Oliveira do you like Posh Git?

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Hi @mikecrabb FYI you might want to

cd demo
before you
ls -al
so you can see all the files in that directory.

Otherwise, you’re good.

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Thanks @mozzadrella!
I normally ls a bit too much, mostly out of habit to check that I’m where I think I should be.

Cheers for the feedback :smiley:

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@ChrisJanes thanks for posting even with the error–will definitely help other Windows users. Did you want to use Bash?

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@knpau hi there, you might want to blur out the email address associated with your git config.

Since this is mostly of your config process, mind trying again and reposting the screenshot of creating the repo, changing directory into it, and following the steps outlined in the exercise?

Ping me if you need help :sparkles:

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Hi @MrODonnell yes, these are actually actually directions from further along in the training. But I see you making logically-grouped, atomic commits so that’s :100:. Want to try a screenshot where you reset the file?

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@vkjain66 you can also see @MadReza’s config

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Thanks @jodeleeuw! Do you like PowerShell? There are a few Windows users in here, so feel free to open a thread in this category and share your :bulb:s.

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Hi, I´m using it for a while and I like it very much.

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@markmichon sweet terminal UI config :sparkles:

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Hi @boonlimk mind creating a, adding to staging, resetting it and committing it?

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And away we go.

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My screenshot

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without any comment

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No problem. I’ll be glad to help