Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics

(Vanessa) #1


Accept Module 1

Exercise 1.1

In your terminal, create a demo project that replicates these steps:

  1. git init demo (cd into it)
  2. touch
  3. git add
  4. git reset
  5. git add (to get it back in the staging area)
  6. git commit -m ‘commit empty readme’
  7. Take a screenshot of your terminal and post it in this thread.

@AaronGullickson’s example is :100: - they check a git status each step of the way:

When you are done, you can move on to Module 2.

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Module-1-Basics Completed
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Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics
(Sven Aelterman) #2

Hi @mozzadrella: the link to watch 1.1 Meet Git seems to go to a specific time code in the video (33s)

(Vanessa) #3

@SvenAelterman thanks!

(Eric Allatta) #4

Good times. I did a lot of experimenting here with different editors and shells. Loved the lesson on strategically committing parts of a file to keep the history intelligible. I do think this will be hard to motivate with novice high school students, but we’ve got to start somewhere.

(Diego Mesa) #5

@mozzadrella here is my screenshot:

(Ryan Schuetzler) #6

(James) #7

(Aaron Gullickson) #8

(Clara) #9

Exercise 1.1 done.


Hi @mozzadrella! It was nice meeting you at SIGCSE2018! It was really nice opportunity to learn more about GitHub!

(Nicolás Troncoso) #11

(Kmurphy) #12

(Arturodr) #13

here is my screenshot:

(Hitesh Joshi) #14

Exercise 1.1 Done

(Peter Strawn) #15


@mozzadrella Also, I wish we have next module button in this UI! :slight_smile:

(Vanessa) #17

great suggestion @g471000 I’ll make that happen :slight_smile:

(zrsmith) #18

Nicely done!

(André Leon S. Gradvohl) #19

Here it is.

(Nasseef Abukamail) #20