Module 0: Start here

(Harsh) #64

Hi Everyone Harsh from India ,completed my first task

(Akash Ali) #65

I am done with it.

(Shreyansh Dwivedi) #66

Done :slight_smile:

(Crcdcomp) #67

(Alan Rynne) #69

Done! :smiley:

(Gustavo Gamboa) #70

Module 0 done!

(Ravi Tomar) #71

HI Mozzadrealla,

This is Ravi Tomar @ravitomar7 on GitHub, I have completed module 0 and moving to module 1. Please guide if something else needs to be done.

(eChris) #72


Putting this hear to fulfill all righteousness. @mozzadrella can we have a breakdown of the flow of studies to do and links to them. Also which suggestion is preferrable, to user ‘git config --global’ configuration or just ‘git config’ for each folder in the case of having different github account?

(paul sanchez) #73

I am done whit module 0

(Andrew D Wolfe Jr) #74

Finished… what now?

(Harsh) #75

finished it

(Dannas Cornell) #76

:+1: It’s done