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Hello, I just started with the Campus Advisor Programme, the module-0 repo is created but I’m not sure how to move forward, some help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Just to be sure, I already have git configure on my machine.

Hello everyone !
Completed Module 0. Excited to move to module 1.


Had the same problem, and found two options: either you declare your as global : git config --global “Claire Wicher” or you initiate a project mkdir project , cd project, git init, git config “Claire Wicher”

It all depends if you want to make your as valid for all project or for a specific one. I m

If you have git downloaded/configured on your machine, then you should be ready to follow the videos and post screenshots as you go. Is something not working quite right?

Hello, @batflyer.
I am following the modules from this link.

Is there some sort of a progress tracker or indicator for this? You see, I already have completed the steps in module 1 and 2 but it does not reflect that here.
Is there any way to ascertain that my submission was successful/correct?

Now I get it! It’s been a little while since I did all the modules, and I don’t think there is an explicit way of tracking progress through an interface.

For each of the modules, you should be fine following these and posting your solutions under the respective post in the Teachers sub-community. @ccannon94 might be able to confirm better than I.


@batflyer, thank you for letting me know.
I would like to become a Campus Advisor for my campus, is this the right track?
How do I know if/when I’m done?

The modules should be the same between Campus Advisors and GitHub Teachers, so completing the modules should put you on the right track (or at the very least: it probably is not the wrong track).

Full disclosure: I’m not quite as sure on the specifics for this one. I think for Campus Advisors they perform an onboarding process a few times a year where you submit links to your solutions and complete an interview.

You’ll know when you’re done with the modules when you run out, but there may be some delay between when you complete them and when the interviews occur.

Yes @dbc2201, everything @batflyer says is absolutely correct in regards to how to complete the modules. Basically, you view each video associated with each module, and there is an exercise for each module. You complete that exercise and post your solution (usually a screenshot) in the Campus Advisors Section of the Forum. Once you have completed all four modules, you complete the application according to the instructions here. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for your application to be reviewed, and then you will hear from me regarding next steps. I hope this helps!


Hello, all!

I teach a range of different computer science courses for Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. Primarily, I teach courses in our transfer degree (programming and introduction to comp sci) but I also teach some courses for our CTE degrees, mainly with web development focus.

I’m looking for ways to teach our students about source control and for ways to use Git and guthub to distribute and collect assignments.

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Welcome @joeparislbcc! We’re very glad you’re here! I look forward to learning with you

Done :slight_smile: image

Well Done git-demo-module-0


I hope I did it right, check out help me, @ccannon94

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Looks good @ChienDevIT!

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I am striving to become a mentor like you. Thank you for motivating me, @ccannon94

Hi I’m Michael from Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey

Hi there, Harshit here from India!
Excited to be a part of the Campus Advisor community! :smiley:

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