Module 0: Start here

Hi @vipulgupta2048! The instructions for Module 1 can be found here. You can find links to all of the modules on GitHub Education’s Website.

Hi @aayushkumarjvs! Yes, once you’ve completed module 0 you should move on to module 1.

Hi @OthnielDona, this is helpful, thanks! The intended instruction for module 0 were to use the --global flag to configure git for all repositories on a machine. You’re absolutely correct that git config must be run within an initialized repository.

Hi there,

module 0 done.

  1. A little bug in the provided code: git config “First Last".
    The first " isn’t a correct one :slight_smile:

  2. Over at in the pulldown on the left there is no “campus advisor” category. In the top right menu dropdown there is… A link in module0 where it says “by posting a new topic in the Campus Advisors section of the GitHub Education Community” to would be nice.

Module 0 completed!!

Hi! Nice to meet you.

I’ve completed this exercise


Module 0 done!

Module 0 completed!

Module 0 is in the books.

module 0: start here



Finished Module 0


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You’re in Windows command line, but to get it to work, you’ll need to be in Git Bash.

You’ll want to install Git (for windows) and then search for Git Bash. I search by clicking the windows icon and typing the name of the software.

Help! I downloaded and installed Git for Windows. What terminal to configure Git? Am I supposed to open Git CMD? It looks like a command prompt window. Is this my terminal?

OOPS! I didn’t read down far enough in the post… All done! image

Set up completed!


@mozzadrella, Can you please tell me if its for GitHub Campus Advisors only?

Hello @mozzadrella thanks for this opportunity I have a question how can one join the Github Campus advisor github channel ?

@mozzadrella done with module 0 and 1 what’s the next step ?


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