Module 0: Start here

(Vanessa) #1


To Get Started

Module 0 of Campus Advisors

  1. Register for an account on You’ll use GitHub for hands-on activities.
  2. Download, install and configure git. (For Windows folks, Git for Windows is what’s needed). In your terminal, configure Git to recognize you:

git config --global "First Last"
git config --global ""

  1. We’re using these forums as our learning management system (LMS). You’ll accept and post assignments in the Campus Advisors section here.

Are you a Windows user?

Great! We’re happy you’re here. However, a little more white glove service is required to get you sorted.

  1. Please use Git For Windows from
  2. You will have a new application called git bash installed.
  3. This training uses commands from Git Bash–you will want to use it.

Once you’ve got your config sorted, introduce yourself and start Module 1.

Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics
Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics
(Vanessa) #2

(Claire Wicher) #3

I’m so confused.

First I googled git for windows and installed the desktop by mistake. Now I’ve installed git but if I try to configure it I just get, ‘fatal: not in a git directory’.

I feel like I’m missing half the instructions?

(Vanessa) #4

hi @GirlGeekUpNorth.

Try closing out your terminal and opening a new one.

When it opens, ask

git --version

do you see any output?

(Claire Wicher) #5

Yes, that works fine, it gives me: git version
The error occurs when using this command: git config “First Last"


(James ODonnell) #6

I am having the same problem so far. It did take my email address. I used it with the --global flag and it did work

(Vanessa) #7

@MrODonnell and @GirlGeekUpNorth I’ll edit the directions, thanks for flagging!

(Claire Wicher) #8

Sorry for the delay, this has worked now. Thank you!

(Saurav Jaiswal) #9

Done with module 0

(Joachim Francois) #10

Finished with the introduction! Onwards to the real work :wink:

(Vipul Gupta) #11

I am done with module 0, where can I find instruction for module 1 or the next module

(Mihaela Sabin) #12

How do I post my Module 1 assignment? Can I simply paste content from my terminal in a reply to Module 1 thread?

(Dr. Ayaz H. Khan) #14



(Aayush Kumar) #15

I’m done with this, should I start with module 2 ?

(Prabhath Mannapperuma) #16

Done with the module 0

(Adrián Vera) #17



(Pizaini) #18

Done image

(Ericliang12345) #19



(Othniel Dona Monote) #20

The errors were intentional in order to show the steps.
A git repo should be initiated first and then cd into it before you can configure user variable locally instead of globally.

I hope this helps.

(Yasmine Abdrabo) #21

Finished Module 0! Excited to really get into it