Modifying an existing set of teams

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My course has group assignments. I specified one set of teams for the first assignment and students created their teams in that group. It being the first time, students made some mistakes in team formation so I specified a new set of teams in the next assignment and all teams were formed correctly.

Some students have changed teams since. I can create a team for them under the organization on GitHub but then saw one of @mozzadrella’s posts mentioning that teams flow from Classroom to GitHub, not the other way round. I cannot find an interface to modify the set of teams in GitHub Classroom.

Has anyone found a way to modify teams at the GitHub Classroom side?

I’ve also looked for this feature, but I haven’t been able to find anything.

Right now, I’m considering to use Classroom only for the initial setup of the assignment and teams, and do the rest in plain GitHub. It’s a bit unclear to me what would be the implications of that, though.

Do you have experience with manually modifying groups in GitHub after they’re created by Classroom?

I have fresh experience from last week! We can create and modify teams in the GitHub organization corresponding to the course. However, that seems to have no effect at the Classroom side of things. Students do not see the new team in the list of teams when joining an assignment. According to the comment I mentioned in the original post, this is expected behavior - the comment said something to the effect, “teams flow from classroom to GitHub, not the other way round”.

@waqarsaleem that is correct. Groups map to teams, but teams don’t map to groups.

There are a good number of threads in this community that demonstrate the need for a flow in the other direction. Lacking that, some interface to directly manage groups would be nice. Any chance of that feature coming up soon?

Apparently, work in this area is underway, e.g., pull request #1254. Let’s hope this makes it into production soon :slight_smile:

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