Microsoft Teams integration

Hello everyone. I use Microsoft Teams to reach my students but I couldn’t find a way to import them into GitHub Classroom.
I made a post about that in Teams uservoice.
Would you please support me if you have the same case.


Hi @ahmedHashwa ,

In Microsoft Team, you need to add the application Github, and give access to it.

From there, you will be able to create groups in Teams, private or not, and manage them from there.

It may be tricky the first time you do this, but if you follow documentations about Team and how to create Teams etc. You should be able to figure it out.

Thank you for your response.
It would be great if you post any links.
But, from my experience, this would just enable notifications about commits rather than full integration and the ability to import students and give them assignments in GitHub ClassRoom.

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We do not have a Teams integration planned at the moment. If this changes, we’ll update here!


What exactly will happen in a class team when adding the GitHub application?

I see this in the browser when I add the GitHub application:
Something went wrong, please retry the command. Activity Id 5ef5bcf0-e674-42a0-82e6-e20c5401de0c