Mental abuse inflicted with DCM & restrictions@ntone 2ho

Ive lived 2 years of hell, I didn’t know what a restriction was, a device policy, device configuration, a work profile, or anything like that was, & really still don’t. I’ve been through 5 email addresses and now abrand new device before I realized that it was someone I lived with causing me the fear of being watched through my phone. Someone I love causing me anxiety and nervous breakdowns , causing me to question myself, making me think I was going crazy. I would change my password and then log back in 2 days later and my password would be Invalid, he would go as far as suggestion, I really didn’t change it, that I had imagined it. I will be restricted from certain apps, not by age or genre it can be a certain messager or add on, he would say, oh your stupid and don’t know how to use your phone, but a day later the app would be available. Wallpaper changing on it’s on, I can go on& on, I rely on my phone for work, he’s gone from my life, so I thought… he controls my Google accounts too, without permission, probably by my phone too, I am scared. What can I do to make it stop. Anybody that can help me?

Hey! I’m sorry that this happened to you - honestly, using a service like 1Password or Google’s autogenerated password helps, but if your phone is being “controlled,” I suggest you factory reset it. Assuming this person didn’t tamper with system files, resetting your phone should allow you to secure your phone, but note that you WILL lose all of your data. From there, I recommend changing all your passwords (especially the phone’s password). Not sure why this is being mentioned on GitHub’s education forums, but I hope this helps