Managing rosters with existing accounts + feedback/requests

Hi. I just got an email with a link to the blog post about class rosters:

Great! Thanks for the new work on these features @nwoodthorpe and others :slight_smile:

First, can you please clarify what benefits/features I get from associating an account/submission with an email in roster? I was hoping it would allow me to search by email, but I can’t see any useful difference in the assignments after doing a few students. I do see a link to the student’s account in the roster management page, but not to any assignments. This doesn’t seem to be of much value - or what am I missing? Perhaps it’s more useful if you start with a roster before any assignments? Thanks :slight_smile:

So, I have 100 students who have already clicked the assignment link and are now in my subject organisation with assignment submissions.
I uploaded their email addresses as a “roster” (class list), and I see I can manually find and link each account and email address.
Is it possible that GitHub Classroom could do this for me? Each existing account has an email address associated, which should be the same as the roster (for all students who’ve done what I requested!).
I did one student manually and it took about a minute since the emails appear in a strange order* and it took a while to load. I can’t see how this would be worth nearly 2 hours of my time when the data is already there.

*Sorting: Please fix the sorting to be more “normal”. On the “All Students” view of the roster, emails are sorted as you’d expect, by the first character. When you go to connect an existing account with an email, the emails appear to be reverse sorted by the character that comes after the first dot! What?
The sorting of accounts (when you try to associate by starting with the email) is hard to work out. In some cases it’s the character after the first hyphen, or the first character if no hyphen, but there’s no way this makes sense.
Please just sort all accounts or emails by the first character (case insensitive).

When I click an account name then choose an email to link it to, the next page that loads is the students listed by email instead of the accounts again, so I have to click back on accounts… can this be changed so it stays on the same page, please? That’s 100 extra clicks if I want to do each account.

Is there any efficient way to do this account-email association?

Also, in the design of the roster page, it asks you to type the field/identifier you want to use. Why isn’t this a drop-down list? Will it work if I type “email”, “emails”, “e-mail”… or do I have to get it just right? Surely this is a situation where I choose something that will definitely work rather than type anything - or is it just a label?

Lists of students/assignments would be much more useful if we could see all on one page. There doesn’t seem to be a way to “show all”, so you can’t search, but have to click through each page. Could you please make this feature?

One more thing: please don’t use “here” as the complete text of links (as on the page that appears after you upload a roster). Please include some more context and create more appropriate links.

I really appreciate that you’re adding more useful functionality to Classroom. Thanks!


Hi GitHub people :slight_smile:
It’s been several weeks since I posted these questions and suggestions. It would be great to get a response.
Thank you!

Hello @lindsaymarkward apologies for the delay.

Roster: Thank you for these suggestions. Right now the linking is manual.

Deadlines: You’ll see a green # of commits if the student has contributed to the assignment, a red x if they have not made any commits before the due date.

Both are lightweight features and meant to not duplicate LMS functionality.

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