Make relationships according to the Object Properties of Ontology while importing data into Ontology from Excel-sheet?

I am using Protege and I want to import data from an Excel-sheet (currently using Celfie plugin for this purpose). I’ve three classes (i.e. Consumer, Energy, Date) and I want to populate them from an Excel-sheet. As far it is concerned with creating Individuals of these classes, I’ve done by using the following rules.

For Consumer Class:

Individual: @H*
Types: Consumer
Facts: SMID @H*

(SMID is Smart Meter ID and it is a DataProperty)
(Starting Column: H, Ending Column: H, Starting Row: 2, Ending Row: 6)

For Energy Class:

Individual: @**
Types: Energy
Facts: EnergyInWatt @**

(EnergyInWatt is DataProperty)
(Starting Column: A, Ending Column: G, Starting Row: 2, Ending Column: 6)

For Date Class:

Individual: @**
Types: date
Facts: ConsumedOn @**

(ConsumedOn is DataProperty)
(Starting Column: A, Ending Column: G, Starting Row: 1, Ending Row: 1)

Now, I want to create relationships among them as I’ve created ObjectProperties such as

 Consumer consumes Energy
 Energy isConsumedOn Date

Where, consumes and isConsumedOn are ObjectProperties.

Note: The Excel-sheet is attached here.

Have you tried to achieve this with graphDB? You can easily write SPARQL queries that transform your data to underlying ontology.

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