Looking for someone to help me create a erc-20 token/coin for my website to have its own currency

please excuse my unedited bad spelling and read the guts of this post, thanks jasonnew to coding, please i apoligize, i forgot to change name 2nd time and error on line 22! i want to create a smart contract using this repository and coding and need to make changes to code or atempt but how do i edit code and fix errors? i also want to make some changes so do i still link to your code or should i have forked it, am i doing this correct so far? i want to make total supply of my ow coins -smart contract being 1 million only? i want to use for my website for others to buy like gift cards to buy my custom silver coins and apparel products and be able to atomic swap with any other token/coin, get on a exchange after i start pos proof of staking for one year in a ico to bring up coins inicial value because the cost of my .999 fine silver 1 oz coins cost so much to produce and all my products are all custom designed and minted by me, so they can buy the coins to pay for my products, they have to carry some value, and be able to be swapped for other coins ie bitcoin, litecoin ect… im new to coding and once was new even building my own website and also silver forum and crypto academy, but i succseeded, and i want to succseed with this aswell as another milestone and bring in more value and cut out all middle men like having to use paypal and pay high fees too sell my products and csilver coins, i want my own websites currency, my own crypto currency that will pay for my real .999 fine silver coin designs i have created and minted, very unique and creative, i believe we all should be our own banks and not be charged high fees just for them to be a middle man and give permission for a transaction, i need a permissionless system of payment for my website going into the future of blockchain and decentralized future where all banks and mediatarys will go extinct, any help on my project will be very highly appriaciated and im willing to give some coins for my real phyiscal silver coins and apparel for any help in helping me achieve this goal of helping me creeate this coin and get me onto binance and other exchanges after i run a succsessful ico pos proof of staking for one year and that will help me generate funds o pay for some minting and silver charges and then let it go to exchanges and get its true supply and demand peer to peer value as to how much each coin will be worth as my silver coins sell at a high premium because of the artwork, nusismatic or semi nuisamatic value with low low mintages, the finest finishes, the most unique and creative art work, my custom display boxes premium and matching COA certicate of auth. so imhoping to get the value of my agsd coin crypto coins value that of my high premium silver custom coins for this to all make sence and work, so my use case is monatary, my own websites money, internet money for goods and services ,products on my own website which has been live since 2016 u can check it out and see my 1st release (silver skull) coin, and then my pre sale coin (jolly crypto-buy and hold) silver coin design that will be minted in next year or so, please any help from community i could use your help and i will compensate withthe succsess of these crypto coins and my phyiscal silver coins, i am a early adopter in crypto ,ie bitcoin,litecoin, im educated in blockchain tec, but i have o experience in coding or creating my own crypto coin, very experienced and pro creator designer and micro minter of 1 oz .999 fine silver coins, i even wrote my own white paper years back for the 1st (decentralized phyiscal silver crypto currency coin called (sc) silver crypt, i could not get the investors or seed money up to start that project so it never got released but i know it would of been a multi million ICO-ITO and since then others have done some simular phyical backed crypto coins and reversed crypto backed phyiscal silver coins, and then i had done another white paper for another project that was actually the real 1st COD certificate of deposit for bitcoin, it was called (holdum coins) with a wallet/safe called (hodl safe wallet) it was to lock up your bitcoins for as long as you desired without being able to get them without a penelty and then i had what were called my locksmiths to crack the safe and release your bitcoins with a penelty, and the holdum coins were to be used to deposit your bitcoins into my high secure hodl safe, the amount would depend on the amount of time of your deposit and had them hodled for you, well i believe when i reached out too ( richard heart0 aka richard schueler as i found out later a criminal mastermind, extorsionist, thief, con artist and then him releasing hex coin i called him out on his coin being a scam and i believe he stole my idea to a huge degree but changing it up a bit to become his idea as he is very smart i give him that and he is alot more smart in that space then me but in street smarts i could smell a con a mile away after relising he stole my idea for project after a year and half ago i sent him a email asking if he was interested in doing a project with me and sent him that white paper i wrote and released and then he said he had his own project going on and too busy and i find out hat that project was not hex but a complicated project he gave up on and thats when i believe he took my idea from my white paper and after doing a full profile on him and digging up his skellotons i find out the scam artist, con, criminal he really was hiding under our noses in the crypto space and under the name richard heart aka richard schueler, from extortion rings in panama and other countrys, to him being closely connected to a double murder for realestate ,you can get all this public knolege and records public if u dig but i did the most complete profiling of richard a few months ago before launch of hex coin and its up on my websites blog and all over social media with my thousands of followers, anyway ima sole proprietor entrepunure and yes my spelling sucks and gramar but im very very inteligent and as smart as richard in many ways even too see 1st that hex will be a pump and dump hexit scam the next bitconnhex and already he is sitting on almost 10 million in 2 moths of suckers getting scammed by him to give him eth of value for hex a shit scam coin, do ur own due diligence and see how this pans out, he thinks the howey test law is all his worry, hes wrong about that and i beleve they will make him a example, it wont end well and so many are still getting scammed and fooled buy someone even telling them that he promises nohing and has to say that for the sec and howey test law but its just a loop hole for him to use and hes using it well hiding behind it , anyway just thought i would share that story and tell you some of the ico projects i came up with and did white papers on but just could not get the capital or investors or know how to run a ico or anything so im making another attempt at doing something myself that im not experienced in just like when i succsessfully built my own website and also my silver and crypto forum and academy, but im asking the help of the crypto community, the coders, the creators on githubs help to finally complete one of my many ideas that i know all would of been huge succsesses, please anyone email me (agsilverdojo@gmail.com) or on here and leave me comments and any help, sugjestions, i will be very appriaciated and i will compdensate with the coins we create and can be used for real phyical products, real money ie silver coins and street apparel that everything i custom designed , thanks jason, anyone want to read those white papers by the way and you think there is still value, use case in those ideas im happy to share them with you and persue them again, i also had one other ico project idea and did a white paper for and it was a crypto currency coin that strippers and say escourts would take in payment since some of what they do are more then just dance and they need a sade payment witout using fiat us currency at the risk of eccepting money for ileagle services, anyway a crypto currency amung the strippers and escourts, they would of ben there own currency and tradable for bitcoin to cash out in, the public keys they would wear as a tattoo or a small braclet with a barcde to be scanned, it was a great idea and that was one of my 1st almost 5 years ago now, it was called (STRIPCRYPT COIN) with small rubber braclets with a small barcode they would wear on stage and get tipped in that coin somehow through bitcoin by atomic swaps or something , we could of ran a ICO and made millions and our cost would be to write the code for the coins and the braclets are pennies and the barcodes pennies nin ink as you use paper wallet barcodes to slip in braclets that would have had a small clear plastic window, or a removable tattoo they could wear anywhere and be scannable, i even made prototype imiages of every ICO project , the braclets, the phyiscal silver coin render, tand vector file imiage, the imiages of the holdum coins and hodl safe wallet, i still have all prototypes, the white papers i wrote, anyone interested in any of those ideas, i have a entrepunial mind, i have ideas in ideas, i neverf stop thinking of ways to become wealthy and financially free and i wont give up trying until i do even if some of my ideas wee stolen like by hex token and richard, i will find and think of many many more inovative and with new tecnology, this is why im into silver and crypto because i know value and new inovation that has the highest potencial to make me rich, its just we live in a world that you need money to make money, i never failed at any of my ideas its just i failed to come uop with the funds, the capital, to get those ideas off the ground and also i may be very smart but i still cant code and that is hurting my chances so im counting on one of you, sincerly jason scot