Locked out!

This morning, I was greeted by github with this notice:
“We are having a problem billing the gordon-cs organization. Please update your payment information or call your payment provider for details on why the transaction failed. You can contact support with any questions.
The private repositories under the gordon-cs account have been locked until you fix this error. Thanks for understanding.”

Apparently, github “forgot” or “expired” our education discount, without notice. (I checked, and there was no email about renewal or billing or anything.) My students can’t see my example code, or collaborate with each other, or submit work, and I can’t see any of the projects I’m supposed to be grading.

@russtuck please email support@github.com ASAP with this message.

I had already reported it to support (via an online form). They sent me to a form to reapply, which I did, and our service (educational discount) was restored a little after 5pm. So the outage was one day.

It appears we were collateral damage in the ongoing fight against abuse and fraud. I appreciate that those are real and difficult challenges. But disabling our whole department’s use of Github without notice, instead of first seeking data for re-authorization, seems sloppy and unprofessional to me. I’m told they are working on a better system.

I appreciate Github’s service, which has saved me the time to set up and manage our own Git hosting. That let us use Git sooner and more broadly in our classes. But I don’t appreciate having our data held hostage arbitrarily.


Hi @russtuck here is the incident report–apologies for the brief outage.

That’s a good plan going forward. Thank you for listening.

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