Linux command line

Hello everyone!

Do you know any interactive possibilities to get comfortable with Linux command line? (for Windows users)
For instance, I learned a lot about GIT by playing the game called “Oh my GIT!” and now I’m really currious if there is something similar for Linux command line…

Thanks in advance!


This book is nice, but it’s not interactive :sweat_smile:


Thank you! I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Bandit by is really good.


I tell my students to extract the zip and run the game from terminal (./oh-my-git) inside the game dir, simple as that…

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So there is a Command Line Murder Mystery that may be interesting. My students did a similar one for SQL and they loved it.

There are a lot of versions of this. The link above is just 1 example.


Have you ever seen the game Terminus? It’s a text adventure game where you interact with the world using common Unix commands. The game is implemented in JavaScript and Java, and you can access it using a browser. It’s open source, GPLv2.

Terminus by Michele Pratusevich


Thank you! That’s exactly what I’m looking for :grinning: Of course, I can read a book or make any tutorial but it’s much more motivating to play a game (at least I learn things much easier and faster like this). Probably I’ll still need a book as an addition but first I have to get comfortable with a command line.

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Thanks! I like it.

Thank you for the recommendation! It’s a great tool to start with :star_struck:

@flexbox you mean this book is awesome, right? LOL. It covers the 101, but at the same time leaves that ‘what if’ to the student, IMHO it’s a must have to any jr dev

@astrokit afaik the oh-my-git has a tux and an apple version too, not sure if it’s updated

Командная_строка_полезный_черновик.pdf (4.1 MB)

What does “tux” mean? :no_mouth: Sorry, don’t know this word.

That’s not realy, what I was asking for :sweat_smile: but still thank you for the hint.

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