Linking "real names" to GitHub accounts

I’m aware that GitHub Classroom sort of fixes this, but this is more a general GitHub question (for repositories that will be used outside of GitHub Classroom – but still in an educational context).

I want to create some repositories, under a couple of Organisations. I would like to add students to specific repositories. The idea is that these are projects that evolve over a few years. These will be private repos also. At some stage down the track, new students arrive to the project, and old students leave. I would therefore like to keep a close eye on who has access to various repos.

The problem with GitHub account names, is that people can call it whatever they want. But very quickly, it makes it nearly impossible to know who certain accounts belong to. I would like to associate “real names” to accounts, so I know who currently has access, and who needs to be removed from the list.

Any recommendation how to best handle this?

There is a Google Chrome extension that fetches the real names of people using the GitHub API and displays it instead of the username. If course the requirement is that the person has entered their real name on their profile page (but I guess that is something that can be communicated to your students).

The extension’s repo is here:, you’ll find the link to the chrome webstore on there as well.


Thanks Wolfgang. Wasn’t too keen on some of the permissions it asks for though.

But ultimately I guess this will still rely on the GitHub users keeping their name “real” available. Might have a look at something that allows whoever installs the plugin to do the mapping. We very often still get random names in the name section, so at least we can do the initial mapping.

Thanks again.