Linking new students in roster?

I’m running into a problem right off the bat. I started a roster with just myself as the first student. Now I want to add a “test student”, so I created a new github account. I clicked “New Students”, entered a student id # (I think I chose this as a way to identify students earlier), and click “Create Student”.

Now I have a student with the id I just entered, and a button that says “Link to github account”. I click that and get a dialog box “Select an unlinked GitHub account to link this student to:”. But there is nothing there to select.

If I close that window, there is another tab “Unlinked Github accounts”, but all it says there is “No unlinked github accounts”. I see no way to add one (what does that even mean, anyway?). I seem to be stuck here. There doesn’t seem to be any way to link my test student’s github account to the roster.


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I have the same problem, except I don’t even know where a possibility to create a new student is. I only have the option to delete a roster or create one. It does not seem to be possible to retrospectively add a student to a roster.


I’m having this same issue. I need to add students that joined the class after the roster was first created.

I stumbled upon the same question:

  1. Setup rooster by import CSV, manually adding students or connect online learning plattform
  2. Create an assignment
  3. There is an invite link for the assignment. Send this to your students.

When your students open the link, they can select their name from the rooster (tbh, not ideal).

  1. Go back to students, the rooster should now be connected to the student’s GitHub Accounts.

Hello Sebastian,
this allows me to add students the first time, but not to add students at a later date.


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TBH, i am also quite new to this. But on my students/roster page, there is an “update students” button, which will give you the same features as for the initial setup of students (CSV, manual input), the students you enter here, will be added as additional students to the roster (not changing already linked accounts). When you then send out the assignment link to the new students, they will also be presented with the roster selection process.

I seem to recall one instructor facing a disconnect in the same advice (just go to add more students). His issue? Apparently he had tried to connect to the LMS, and that changed the interface in unexpected ways. If you’ve tried connecting to an LMS, try removing that connection, and again looking for the button to update the student roster.