Let assignment repository be created by specific github account?


I’m a TA at a course taught using Github Classroom. The classroom/course is owned by a Github organisation and I am one of four admins. I noticed that as students started working on the assignments, their repositories are created in my name (and that of other admins). Our Github accounts are used for the initial commits of the cloned repositories. This is annoying because it now shows up in my Github activity feed and because principally I did not really create that commit. Is it possible to avoid this behavior? Can we perhaps assign a specific admin account to be used for creating the repositories?

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This would be a nice addition to the Classroom indeed.

@PGijsbers actually, to maximize impact of this feature request, I believe it would be much better to file a issue on https://github.com/education/classroom/issues/new/choose.

Thanks! I posted it here first because I was not sure if the feature was not present, or if I was just not able to find it.

@PGijsbers where is the issue you filed? I’d like to file the same issue.

For posterity and full-text search ease, I’m re-capitulating the problem statement here.

It appears that, when there are multiple “Classroom admins” for a GitHub Classroom, that one of those persons is chosen at random as the author of the “initial commit” when a student accepts as assignment. This likely only happens in the case of “template repositories”, which mine are.

I believe this is not great for a number of reasons. (E.g. I don’t want students writing to the person they perceive as the author of the initial commit for help. That particular TA might not be familiar with that particular assignment.) My solution: remove all my TAs as “Classroom admins” but keep them in my class’ GitHub Organization.