Legacy Campus Advisor Modules

If you are still working on completing the Legacy Campus Advisor Learning Modules or if you would like to review them, here are the assignments:

Module-1 Basics
Module-2-Network activity
Module-4-Student programs

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Hi Eric

It is very confusing… How do I know if I have successfully completed the modules?

:wave: Hi @mathiasstocker once these modules are completed you can submit them for review here:


Hi @ericdrosado

I am not a Teacher. And I will not use GitHub Education.

Our university (University of Bern, Switzerland) is setting up GitHub Enterprise and i will be the owner of an organisational unit within the administration. Our unit develops applications and we are using
git and sometimes GitHub - We like to move all our git repositories to GitHub Enterprise of our university and I am well aware how git and GitHub works.

I was told by the IT Department that GitHub mandates that I do this training.

I absolved all modules and I did not learn anything new - it was all basic git / GitHub.

It felt a little like a waste of time.

Do i really need to do an interview to complete this?

Best regards


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:wave: Hi @mathiasstocker,

Thank you for your feedback. I will reach out to you directly regarding the Campus Advisor interview.