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Hi Everyone,

:wave: I am Miłka. I am working as manual software tester (QA) 6+ years. Now learning Python, beginner level. Located: Warsaw, Poland, Timezone (CET).

:sun_with_face: Looking for ppl, that we can learn Python together, to motivate and support each other. I hope it will motivate me to learn more and often, and through the responsibility of learning / creating together, we will be able to motivate each other. :computer: Appreciate it :pray:


Hi @maxvox, it would be great. I’m an experienced C++ and CUDA developer who uses python but never learnt as python but more from a C++ perspective. What do you have in mind? How do you want it to do it?

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Hey milka i am interested to learn with . I am actually working for the pcap certificate of python …


Hai send me an email alinasenyirenda24@gmail.com. Am looking for someone as well to learn with .

Heyy Milka!! I’m an undergrad student from India. I am also planning to learn Python. We can learn together, share notes, motivate and support each other. I am open to connecting to you on Discord if you don’t mind!

Hi Miłka it is Ömer. I am studying Computer Science and i know C, C++ and JAVA. Also i am trying to learn Python for a project. If you want to work together you can text me.
Located: Istanbul, Turkey, Timezone (UTC+03.00)

I can help Now I’m an Beginner

That’s great. I’m in.

Hello, I also want to become part of the this group please let me know how you guys starting

Hi @maxvox , it would be great.

I’m a Analytics Masters Student with an Experience in Procurement Operations.

I am learning R Software from the past couple of Months .

Would love to be part of the Python learning team.

Hi Everybody,
Sorry All for the late answer, I was a bit sick these days and been offline.

You can feel free to email me directly, hananotamashii@gmail.com
We can learn together, share notes, materials, resources, motivate and support each other.
I will think on use some application, where we all can connect, what is by your experience the best? Here few I know, but maybe there is better one?

  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Discord

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I think Replit is also a great place for collaborative learning. We should consider it too.

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