Learn c language step by step 😕

Hi there. I want learn c language first because this language call mother of all programming language’s. Can anyone tough/teach me step by step or send me a any link where I learn that ? I am not interest with sololearn and prghub,


First of all; congratulations on deciding to learning one of the most essential programming languages ever devised! You’re sure to not only improve your programming skills, but also your grasp on how computers work and your problem-solving thinking skills.

I’m not sure exactly what approach you’re interested in, but I’d be a fool if I didn’t even recommend K&R: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Programming-Language-PROGRAMMING-LANG-_p2-ebook/dp/B009ZUZ9FW/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2UAY6E01OR9HY&dchild=1&keywords=the+c+programming+language&qid=1587235298&sprefix=the+co+progr%2Caps%2C151&sr=8-1
This simply is the absolute standard for learning C.

If you feel like you could use some company in this trajectory you’re about to embark upon, I can keep you company by going through the chapters together. Feel free to reach out to me in that case!

I’m sure it is also very possible to learn C through the abundance of online platforms, but I’d have to do some research into which are the most viable alternatives there.

Feel free to hit me up with any further questions.


Thank you very much for replay me. I am appreciate your guidance. :blush:,but problem is that is a paid services. I need any free because I am beginner

You may be able to get ebook version of the above book through school or local library systems. Some institutions also have access to safari online through their library system for example. This is a really cost effective way for many students to get access to books.

If you are just learning… I have some old notes that will get you started:


its not by any means complete (…I didn’t even get around to finishing the material even for our intro course). I don’t think I’ll have time to finish it any time soon either but maybe I’ll get around to it some day.