Keep Getting Rejected from Student Pack

Hi, my university says that I need the student pack for work we will be doing in class but I need to verify my student status and my application to verify it keeps getting rejected. I have received a pdf of proof of my enrolment from my university, sending a picture of this worked for other students in my class but it gets rejected when I send it. I can’t send my student ID because it doesn’t have a date on it. My transcript with my grades from last year got rejected, my schedule for this year at university also got rejected and I don’t have a signed certificate with a current enrolment date. I also tried sending screenshots of documents from SAAS (Students Awards Agency Scotland) to prove that I’m in university but that got rejected too. I sent a request to the GitHub Support for help but that didn’t solve my problem either. Does anyone know what else I can send to get the student pack because I don’t have anything else to send as proof.

Hi @aysha12345 :wave:
Just reviewed your application status and it looks like you have been approved for the SDP! Let me know if you are experiencing any struggles.


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