Keep getting Invalid Repository Name error


I would like to create an individual assignment at GitHub Classroom. Despite I have keyed in the assignment name as follow:

I’m getting the following error:

Invalid repository name, use the format owner/name.

The name of the template repository is “

Any ideas on how can I fix this problem?


Hi @farhansj,

I haven’t seen that error before, that’s odd. One thing I noticed, your repo isn’t properly configured as a template repo. That should have given a different error, but fixing that up may help resolve the issue.

Please see for instructions on how to set to be a template repository. Let me know if this fixes the issue!


Hi @d12,

Unfortunately, the error still exists despite I have set the repository to become a template repository.

Since the error message is related to an invalid repository name, whether an individual assignment that has title “assignment-1” is acceptable?


That title should be fine. Do you still get the error when using a different template repository?

Hi @d12,

Strangely, I can create an assignment now without any changes from the previous settings :sweat_smile:


Very strange! Glad it’s working now, let us know if this happens again and hopefully we can figure out why it happens! :slight_smile: