Jsdelivr cdn

Hello sir/madam,please help me .I am not a programmer. I am disabled person. How I can use jsdelivr cdn for my blog :confused:?

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Hi @Epeoplegit,

You can have a look here on their Website Here.

If you need more help, feel free to message me.

Regards, Armand B.

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click above to find all the information you need

please read all the information provide in their FAQ page for setup it on npm WordPress or custom server


i hope @Epeoplegityou find your solutions their otherwise you can ask @Sirlupinwatson1


Thank you very much for replay me,I want step by step guidance for enable jsdelivr on my blog​:confused:. how enable through WordPress theme or plugin I don’t know :confused:?which option is suitable for me


I am not happy with the these guidelines. Because this not a answer of my quarry