(Abhishek Raj Ravi) #1

Hii, what is the best way to learn JavaScript

(Mahendra488) #2

You can learn JavaScript from
You can refer w3school even there explanation is good and easy to understand

(Perside r054l13) #3

The best way is to use it and enjoy it. Code in it :slight_smile:
You will learn faster and better is you practice. start a project and use it

(Tululs) #4

I agree with rosalleper. The best way to learn coding is to actually do it. However, you still need some knowledge and basics, right? :slight_smile: I recently found this Bitdegree (.org) website offering some interactive programming courses and I think this is the best way for you. By taking their courses you not only get the theory part, but also need to do various tasks and write the code by yourself. They do not have any interactive courses specifically for JavaScript yet, but I found one easy to follow 1 hours long video course (here it is:

So maybe this could be a good beginning for you. And of course this is not the only source for online courses, but simply I didn’t try courses on other sites so I do not want to offer something that I’m not sure of :wink:

(Nirvana Flame) #5

(Joachim Francois) #6

Is also a pretty good place to continue your javascript adventures :wink:

(Dose Of Gose) #7

Excellent free interactive (can run/modify/play with the code examples) textbook with a slight functional paradigm focus. Highly recommended!