January 2020 enrollments for GitHub Campus Expert Training

Hello Everyone,
Is there anyone who is selected for the GitHub Campus Expert Training program this month i.e. January. It will be better if we know each other and build a healthy community.


Hi,its been approx a week i applied , but didn’t got any reply from github yet

Even mine now accepted after 8 days. Make sure that you keep checking the website daily for updates.

congratulations for your acceptance , i check daily on websites ,hoping to get selected btw i applied on 22 january

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Thank you. Let me know when your application is accepted.

It’s been a month now. Still nothing.

Try contacting the support team on this mail address: education@githubsupport.com @QuantumNovice

Hello Buddy :slight_smile: I am selected for GitHub Campus Expert Training on January. Let me know if you need any help or want to help me

Sure Adil, I think I have contacted you on Spectrum too.

Yes. I remember.
i have a message for you on spectrum chat.

Generally Application took upto two weeks . Check Again your Application Status on 5th Feb 2020.

yup , i check daily , eagerly waiting for a positive response from github

Yes, I saw it. :wink:

No reply yet , still pending :disappointed: :pensive: @adilshehzad786 @bparvatkar387

Please contact Github Education team . They Will Guide you Further :slight_smile:

They rejected again :pensive::cry:

I am really sorry on your loss. but don’t loss hope and try again next time.

Thanks when are we suppose to finish the training?

Have you submitted your assessment?