Issues in activating Student Developer Pack for Campus Program Partner

Dear Team,

I am Prof. Mitul Maniar, from Gandhinagar Institute of Technology (GIT). GIT is Campus Program Partner and I am Campus Advisor.

I have created an Organization( under Gandhinagar Institute of Technology ( account. Enterprise license are being provided to the students of GIT (whose email end in domain “”) by adding them to the Organization.

The students are claiming the GitHub Student Developer Pack, and in the process, they are being asked to upload “Proof of Academic Status”. Here they are uploading a photo of their College issued ID-Card. Then they get the email stating that their ID-proof is “insufficient to demonstrate your current academic status”.

Kindly advise on how to proceed further.

Is there a way, that GIT, as organization, can directly assign Developer Pack to the students of the institute who enroll via the approved domain email id?

Prof. Mitul

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