Issues and Projects

I created a repository for my first Unit of curriculum and used GitHub Classroom to distribute it as an assignment.

Within the original repo, I created projects for each lesson within the Unit and populated issues to mark the students Individual workflow responsibilities for that lesson.

Unfortunately, when the repo was distributed to a student via Classroom assignment, the projects and issues did not transfer over to the student’s clone of the repository.

How can I get this to happen?

@cullenmrc as far as I know, currently there isn’t anything like sandboxing issues and projects in GitHub Classroom. However, the maintainers would like to take a step in that direction:

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You could probably do this with GitHub APIs, but it would be a bunch of work. You’d need to identify whenever a new repo appears in your organization, and then programmatically add the missing parts.

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Could they fork off of your repository?

I ran into this issue as well as I was wanting to use classroom for a workshop that would have attendees work their way through issues.

I’ve created a GitHub app that copies issues from the starter repository. I’d love feedback from others that are interested in this use-case. You can install the app from the Marketplace to test out on your classroom organizations.

I like the idea of also copying over the Projects. I’ve added an issue to track that.

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