Issue with student pack and academic status verification

Hi, We are facing an issue with student status verification for some days now, as some of our students just reported it : It says we are GitHub Campus partners and it lists our academic domain name for email adresses, but students are rejected.

We had no answer from support.

Anyone with the same issue ?

Thank’s for your help !

Hello, we are having the same problem with the status verification, because of the covid-19 issue the id of all students are not updated, but they are sending the class schedule.


Hi folks,

We apologize for the inconvenience. I would recommend contacting GitHub Education support for assistance. We are experiencing longer wait times due to an increase in support requests.

We thank you for your patience.

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Hi @ericdrosado,
Thank you for your answer. We did contact a support, but no answer since Sept. 2.
We’ll keep waiting. Thank’s again.

Yes, facing the same issue.
I am an production engineering student and also have my institute ID. But still Github is rejecting it. Still don’t know why?:frowning:

GitHub support team said they have made some changes on our account. It works fine now.

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