Issue in paging on github classroom assignment

Hi all,

I have a strange issue when trying to navigate to the second page on the classroom assignment page, navigating to page 2 does simply not work. There must be more than 36 groups, but page one only shows up to 23. Thus clicking on page 2 does not have any effect.

2020-05-04 at 08.21

Anybody with the same issue?

Thx in advance


Hi @socke,

I tested this out in a new assignment and didn’t have the issue you’re describing. Is there any other info you could share that might help us debug this?

I know sometimes the search bar doesn’t play well with pagination (it’s a bug we’re tracking), did you happen to have a search query entered?

Hi @d12,

thx for the fast reply. Issue is on Mac safari, tested also on ipad safari and colleague has that as well on windows with iexplorer.

Btw. the hint with search bar at least got me access to the other repositories by searching for a substring of the group name. Luckily they were numbered :slight_smile:

I do not have an active search, just visiting the assignment page, then clicking on page 2 or next and nothing happens. In the url I can see ?page=2 url parameter, however, not working :astonished:

Another thing to mention is that this is a groups assignment. In another course I have individual assignments, there the paging works perfectly fine.

Thx in advance


I’m having the same issue as @socke, I guess. I have created a group assignment with student teams of 2 people. Students have started creating their teams and keep doing so, but when looking at the submissions, I keep seeing 20 teams and 20 students not on a team. There’s pagination for two pages, but no matter which one I click on, I only keep seeing the first 20 teams.

When students create a new team that is among the first 20 in terms of sorting, it will show up. Otherwise, I have to switch to the organization to see all of the teams, that is a bit unhandy.

Please contact me if you need to look at the classroom and/or the assignment, I’d love to get this working again. It might be a group-assignment thing, as @socke has already stated. It’s most likely not related to the browser. The behavior is the same for all Blink (Chrome, Opera, Edge) browsers, and Firefox.


Hi @hochleitner, thanks for the info! We’re looking to fix up this bug sometime this week, I’ll update this post once a fix goes out!

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Thanks for the heads-up @d12. Since it’s not been fixed yet, is there a way to change the number of entries shown on each page? A GET-parameter like page=2, just for the number of entries? This way I could just omit pagination at all for now and see all the repositories.
I already tried things like entries=100, show=100, etc. but these do not work. If this exists, could you let us know?