Issue - Classroom extension and multiple markdown files

I came across a minor issue with the new GitHub Classroom extension. When an assignment is opened in VS Code from the Classroom extension pane and there are multiple markdown files in the root, it will automatically open the preview for the first markdown file it comes across and not the markdown file titled Could it be set to open the preview for the file?

Context - I used the GitHub Starter Course as a basis for my first assignment, but I wanted to have steps for the student to follow for my specific assignment. I decided to rename the markdown file in the starter courses to “” so students could still review the content but not cause confusion with the specific assignment I wanted the students to do. I then added a file with the specific instructions I wanted them to follow. The extension opens the additional resources file rather than the readme project directions. Changing the file name to add a “z-” to the front so it comes later alphabetically, the readme file opens first. I’d prefer not having to resort to this method.

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