[Issue] Assignment invitation url randomly redirects

The assignment invitation url (syle: https://classroom.github.com/*/***********) redirects some students to their previous assignment. As a result they can’t accept the current assignment. When they use the longer url, to which students that don’t experience this issue are redirected to (style: https://classroom.github.com/assignment-invitations/********************************), instead, the issue seems to be solved.

This is an older issue, but how did you access the longer URL? I seem to be getting a similar issue, and the longer URL seems a quick workaround.

Hi Alex :wave:
Can you open a ticket with the details of what you’re experiencing using this link: GitHub Support


It seems like we do not experience this issue anymore. The longer URL certainly was a quickfix. However you get this one by entering the short url in the browser. Users that do not experience the issue are redirected to the correct longer url (the “Accept the assignment” page), which I believe is sharable as well.

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