Is there anyone who is interested?

I learned python django framework. Now i have done one project only in dango. Anyone who is interested to make a project with python or framework django ? If anyone then we’ll collaborate and working together.

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Hi @Remonhasan :smile:

I just learned Python, and am using Twilio for text messages.
I have some ideas for projects like:

  • Automatic text of Bitcoin prices in the morning
  • An applet that show highest and lowest temp in the united states at the current moment

What ideas do you have :thinking:?

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Hi @Drblessing
Good ideas you have. I agree. I have idea for the world.
Ideas are:

  1. Online Health system for the world
  2. Drug Addiction Recovery System for the countries people
    Want to build that platform. I have more ideas to.
    You can connect me by email or reply me.
    We’ll work together for more learning. Also i’m interested to work with your ideas.

hello we can work together if you want. working on django. You can check my github account and contact me at my e-mail address.
GitHub https: //


Hello Remonhasan
We can Work Together On Django Project . Please check my Github Profile so We can Collaborate Together .
Please Let me Know If you are interested and Pm me on My Email & on Telegram

Email :
Github :slight_smile:
Telegram :slight_smile: