Is it possible to set a deadline for a given assignment?

I am using github classrooms for two courses: one for learning programming in C++ and the other for Computational Physics Methods. Github classrooms are really useful for collecting assignments onto individual repository which can be processed systematically. One thing which could be useful is to accept submissions (commits) until a given date only, kind of a deadline. Of course this wont be something which limits the local git commits for each student, but will affect the push to the remote repository, forbidding to push to it after the deadline.
Is it possible?


Or perhaps something in the Classroom interface could highlight when repos have commits after the due date. So they could still do late work, but it would be easy to see what’s late.
(I imagine something like this might be easier to implement.)

Yes, that could be useful.
For now, I am just using an arcane git command I found on the internet to checkout the revision just before the deadline (see:, to have something systematic to apply to all students repositories.


These are great ideas for feature improvements. Since GitHub Classroom is open source, you could suggest them here:

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Yes, it is quite clear there needs to be a built-in mechanism for tracking deadlines. Surprised this project has gone on for so long without such a core feature…